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Wank Machine!
The Wank Machine!!
The ultimate computerized sex toy for men.
Simulates blowjobs, anal sex, full penetration, wanking and handjobs . Connects to your computer to provide DVD quality sights and sounds to your wanking experience.
This is going to revolutionize wanking. This is the newest most modern masturbation technique yet designed!
Finally science has been put to good use:
Cobra Libre Male Vibrator Cobra Libre Luxury Male Vibrator
From zero to orgasm in no time, the Cobra Libre luxury vibrator from Fun Factory is specifically designed for men. Made from medical grade silicone, this rechargeable and waterproof toy handles like a dream and delivers deeply satisfying vibrations. Ergonomically designed for easy handling, the Cobra Libre has substance as well as style.

This fully rechargeable toy has two super quiet, powerful motors that deliver deep vibrations to the 100% medical grade silicone sleeve. Fully waterproof, lube up with water-based lubricant and slide into the soft and flexible sleeve. At 3.5 inches deep it delivers vibrations, from soft to intense, to your most pleasurable points. Specifically designed to stimulate the male anatomy, the head of your penis is accommodated deep within the sleeve and has a raised ridge to deliver pleasure to the frenulum. Ergonomically designed to be held with ease in one hand, to leave your other free to explore and stimulate elsewhere.

To activate, press and hold the horizontal button for on and off. Once on, simply use the touch activated button pads to accelerate smoothly from slower to faster vibrations and back again.

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Review courtesy of virtualman thanks to lovehoney

I've bought a couple of male sex toys recently that sounded really new and exciting but which were quite a let down. So I tried not to get my hopes up too much about the Cobra Libre, although I was looking forward to it a lot having read some great reviews. The moment I slid in and felt the buzz run down my shaft I knew this toy was the real thing. It's hard to describe, but I felt similar when I tried the TENGA Flip Hole for the first time, although this was even more intense - like an electric Tenga! And it actually gets better. You can caress and massage your penis head by touching the top of the toy (the material is soft and luxurious). This increases the feel and intensity of the vibration. Although it's easy to do this, it seems like quite a skill as well, as each time I've used the Cobra I've got better at it. As has been pointed out, this toy produces much longer masturbation sessions. As you near orgasm you can adjust the intensity (via the buttons or by the way you massage your penis through the material) to delay ejaculating. It's so easy to do this that it almost becomes like one ultra-long orgasm. This is definitely the best sex toy I've ever used. It won't replace masturbators like the Fleshlight or the TENGA completely - if you just want to quickly satisfy your sexual urge, just bang a Fleshlight. If you want a long, luxurious masturbation session, there can't be any better toy than this. Amazing, 10/10.

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The ultimate computerized sex toy for men.
Simulates blowjobs, anal sex, full penetration, wanking and handjobs . Connects to your computer to provide DVD quality sights and sounds to your wanking experience.
This is going to revolutionize wanking. This is the newest most modern masturbation technique yet designed!
Finally science has been put to good use: The Wank Machine!!
Computerized USB Wank Machine

New Electric Sex Toy For Men


Som Rocket Wank Machine!!

3, 2, 1...lift off! Prepare to take your orgasms to the fifth dimension! A bigger, badder cousin of the original Puchi Som Machine, the Rocket features an angled head that thrusts up and down in a thrilling deep throat action. Houston, we have an orgasm! Simply sit over the base of the Som and position the shaft over yourself.

The shaft moves up and down fully enveloping your penis and faithfully recreating an amazing blow job. The inside of the shaft features a sensational silicone sleeve with hundreds of tickling, teasing fronds guaranteed to tease, please and send you into orbit!

You control the excitement with a simple dial that varies the smooth pumping action from 90 up to an amazing 180 strokes a minute. Bonus alert - the handle of the controller vibrates too, for extra stimulation around the balls, perineum or anus. Sensational!

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Talk about a Sex Bomb!

Check out this hand grenade wank toy! Covert operations never felt so good! This is Spy versus Spy like you wouldn't believe! Shaped like a hand grenade this tight little sex-weapon is the perfect treat for those full frontal assualts and real hand to hand combat!! Feel the power! Cleverly disguised as a hand grenade (!), this stretchy, squishy sleeve features a tight anal opening and several vacuum chambers within the ribbed inner sleeve. Just don't try and take it through customs!

I think someone bought this for me as a joke... I mean, who wants to shag a grenade?! I've heard of some weird fetishes but really! However, I like the idea of the more unusual products so I thought I'd give it a go. I got myself ready, added a bit of lube and slipped my cock inside the opening. It was quite a nice fit, tight but not painful, and nice and soft. I found the shape of the item makes it very east to keep a good firm grip, and to allow you to squeeze for more pressure, or to relax without fear of dropping the item when a little distracted!

Overall it's just a fun item, something a little different, and well worth the money paid. I just wish more products were designed this well!

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Spank Your Monkey!!

I am blessed with a well endowed boyfriend, so I used the Monkey Spanker at the base while giving him a blow job. The use of a flavoured lube all along his cock helped the Monkey Spanker slide and the movement of the toy delivered me a ready supply where I needed it!

We moved on to him holding and operating the toy while I gave some attention to his balls and it was great for me to have my hands/mouth free for some ass play. I really enjoyed being able to see him getting some attention on all of his hot spots at the same time.

Visually, I liked being able to see his cock, unlike some of the other toys that hide it away. It also allowed the "money shot" to be directed onto me rather than being contained within a tube or having to break the flow in order to take it out!

Great price for a great toy to be enjoyed solo or part of a mind blowing session.

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New Electric Sex Toy For Men

Excellent stimulation programs and simple, but effective, controls. So much better than any normal vibe (even the excellent Black Cat Dual Rotating Butt Plug - which sadly tends to seize-up after a few uses). Works perfectly with ElectraStim attachments, especially Tri-Polar Probe (set to Program B, Intensity 7, MTL Black connector to TPP Black connector and MTL Red Connector to TPP White connector). These are definitely the future of Sex Toys!

The self pleasuring principal has been genetically hardwired into our species and it is normal and natural to masturbate and wiki wank is dedicated to you and your masturbation fantasies whether you are gay or like stroking chicks while they wank wet pussies while sucking cocks and ramming fingers up their asses. Stroke your cock and your constant desire to stroke it till it squirts & hurts! Connect with guys who want to explore masturbation techniques and solo gay sex by video and in person, feeling their arse holes poked and licked.!

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